English Grammar – Adjectives – Adjectives of Quality

What are Adjectives

Adjectives are those words which tell the qualities of the nouns or pronouns. In other words, adjectives describe or modify a noun or pronoun. 
Adjectives are used with the nouns and pronouns mentioning their qualities and provide more information about the noun or pronouns. For example: tall man, fast friend, red rose, good boy etc.

Adjectives of Quality

Those adjectives, which are used to refer to the qualitative features of the nouns or pronouns are called the Adjectives of Quality. 
Following are some examples: 

I gave her a red rose.
That is a beautiful picture.
Ram is an honest man.
See the black clouds in the sky.
The river has cold water. 
This is very elegant picture.
He is a handsome man.
You are very helpful person.
She has very tender hands.
I am a lazy person.
This is a scary movie.
He is a faithful friend of mine.
I have a jolly nature.
This perfume has a very nice fragrance.
Mountains have steep curves.
I have deep interest in music. 

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