English Grammar – Adjectives – Demonstrative Adjective


Adjectives are those words which tell the qualities of the nouns or pronouns. In other words, adjectives describe or modify a noun or pronoun. 
Adjectives are used with the nouns and pronouns mentioning their qualities and provide more information about the noun or pronouns. For example: tall man, fast friend, red rose, good boy etc.

Demonstrative Adjective

Those adjectives which refer to the nouns used immediately after them are called the Demonstrative Adjectives. 

Following are some examples:

I have read this book.
I want to buy this pen.
I have sold that car.
I like these pictures.
See the snow on those mountains.
He is the former president of the association.
I love both wine and beer, but I love the latter the most. 
Go and sit on that chair.
I bought these vegetables for the dinner.
Where are those notes I gave to you yesterday.

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