English Grammar – Nouns – Abstract Nouns

What are Nouns

Noun is the part of speech, which names a Person, Place or a Thing. It means the words, which are used to tell the name of a Person, Place or Thing are called Nouns.

Abstract Nouns

Abstract Nouns refer to the names of those things which can be felt but cannot be seen, which means Abstract Nouns are the names of things, which have no physical existence. Abstract Nouns are the names of ideas or qualities, which can be felt, but cannot be seen physically. In other words, we can say that Abstract Nouns are the names of things which exist as ideas. 


Happiness, Dream, Thirst, Childhood, Sleep, Amusement, Anger, Belief, Bravery, Ego, Faith, Feelings, Fear, Friendship, Honesty, Joy, Love, Beauty, Memory, Power, Sadness, Sensitivity, Skill, Talent, Truth etc.

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