English Grammar – Nouns – Proper Noun

What are Nouns

Noun is the part of speech, which names a Person, Place or a Thing. It means the words, which are used to tell the name of a Person, Place or Thing are called Nouns.

Proper Nouns 

Proper nouns refer to a Particular Place, Person or a Thing instead of the entire class of the Persons, Places or Things. Following are some examples of the Proper Nouns:

Proper Nouns referring to the Particular Persons:
Albert Einstein, Mother Teresa, Marilyn Monroe, Abraham Lincoln, Bill Gates, Narendra Modi, Sachin Tendulkar, Sunil Gawaskar, Sania Mirza etc.   

Proper Nouns referring to the Particular Places:
Delhi, Washington D.C., New York, Kolkata, Honolulu, Sydney etc.

Proper Nouns referring to the Particular Things:
Nokia E71 (Mobile Handset), Oreo (Biscuits), Lenovo (Laptop), Hyatt (Hotel) etc.

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