English Grammar – Nouns

What are Nouns

Noun is the part of speech, which names a Person, Place or a Thing. It means the words, which are used to tell the name of a Person, Place or Thing are called Nouns. Following are some examples of nouns:
Names of Persons:
  Albert Einstein, Thomas Alva Edison, Ram, Sunil, Geeta, Seema, Narender, Subhash etc.
Names of Places:
  College, Office, Hotel, Library, Hostel, Hospital, etc.
Name of Things:
  Computer, Pen, Radio, Phone, Car, Train etc.

Kinds of Nouns: Nouns are of 5 types:

1. Common Noun
2. Proper Noun
3. Collective Noun
4. Material Noun
5. Abstract Noun

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