English Grammar – Prepositions – At

What are Prepositions 

Prepositions are those words, which show the relationship of Nouns (or Pronouns) with the other words in the sentence. Prepositions are used before Nouns (or Pronouns) in the sentence.


At is used to tell the time, to tell the location of a small village or a small city, to tell the rate of something and to tell the position of an item on the top of something.


I woke up at 05:00 AM in the morning.
The Sun sets at 07:00 PM these days.
The meeting will start at 11:00 AM.
He was born at Chandigarh.
She lives at sector 17.
The hotel room was sold at Rs. 5000 per night.
I have purchased 10 pens at Rs. 5 each.
The book is kept at the table.
The flour was spread at the floor.
The bar is at the second floor.

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