English Grammar – Prepositions – Beyond

What are Prepositions 

Prepositions are those words, which show the relationship of Nouns (or Pronouns) with the other words in the sentence. Prepositions are used before Nouns (or Pronouns) in the sentence.


Beyond is used to refer to the location/position/situation of anything in relation with another object. Beyond is used to refer to ‘after’ or ‘past’ of something.


Only people beyond the age of 18 years are allowed to watch this type of movies.
The discount is applicable to the people beyond the age of 65 years.
His performance is beyond the expectations.
I do not know HTML beyond the basic commands.
There are more than 500 million planets beyond The Earth, where life may exist.
Her marks are beyond 70 % through out her studies.
We saw another snow caped mountain beyond the one we were looking at.

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