English Grammar – Prepositions – By

What are Prepositions 

Prepositions are those words, which show the relationship of Nouns (or Pronouns) with the other words in the sentence. Prepositions are used before Nouns (or Pronouns) in the sentence.


‘By’ is used to refer to a certain time or at the latest (time). By is used to show the proximity of two objects. It is also used to refer to the subject (which is performing an action). By is used to refer to a particular purpose and also used to show the method of doing something.


I sat alone by a tree in the woods. 
Look at the girl standing by Thomas!
I will be there by 06:00 AM.
The examination will finish by 05:00 PM.
The law of gravitation was propounded by Isaac Newton.
The pipes will be fixed by the plumber. 
The commercial banks have to follow the instructions given by the central bank. 
You can safeguard your future by saving some money.
You can top the examination by hard work and dedication.
I will reach by train.
We will send you the bills by courier. 

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