English Grammar – Prepositions – For

What are Prepositions 

Prepositions are those words, which show the relationship of Nouns (or Pronouns) with the other words in the sentence. Prepositions are used before Nouns (or Pronouns) in the sentence.


For is used to refer to the use of something, to tell the reason for something. For is also used to tell time or duration of some event.


I have purchased a new laptop for learning about web development.
I have bought a used car for learning driving.
I purchased a necklace for her birthday.
We use this car for company guests.
I feel sorry for what I have done to you.
He resigned for no reason.
I have been staying here for 10 years.
I waited for her for 45 minutes at the station.
He has left for today.
The effect of radiation will remain for years.

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