English Grammar – Prepositions – Inside

English Grammar – Prepositions – Inside

What are Prepositions 

Prepositions are those words, which show the relationship of Nouns (or Pronouns) with the other words in the sentence. Prepositions are used before Nouns (or Pronouns) in the sentence.


‘Inside’ is used to refer to something which is inside (Container) of something. It is also used to refer to the location of something.


What is inside this bag ?
The knife is inside the box.
Please come inside.
I am inside the room.
She was not aware what was there inside the envelope.
Please put the money inside the bag.
It felt amazing as I entered inside the plane.
It was very hot outside, so I stayed inside.
I heard a strange sound, as I entered inside the building.
There was a pin drop silence inside the classroom.

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