English Grammar – Pronouns – Demonstrative Pronouns

What are Pronouns?

Pronouns are those words, which are used in place of the nouns.

Demonstrative Pronouns

Demonstrative Pronouns are those pronouns which refer to or point to some noun.

Singular: This, That
Plural: These, Those 


This is my car. 
Have you seen this?
This is a beautiful place.
Come here and have a look at this.

These are very beautiful pictures.
She presented me these gifts.
These bills are pending.
These guys are fantastic.

That is my house. 
Did you see that?
I don’t know that person.
Have you seen that movie?

Those boys are in 10th class. 

I love those old songs.
Why those days don’t come back?
Those who work hard, get the success. 

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