English Grammar – Pronouns – Interrogative Pronouns

What are Pronouns?

Pronouns are those words, which are used in place of the nouns.

Interrogative Pronouns

Interrogative Pronouns are those words, which are used in place of Nouns and are used in interrogative sentences to ask questions.

For example: Who, Whose, Whom, Which, What


Whowrote this novel?
Who is the next batsman?
Who is India’s Prime Minister?
Who is the tallest boy in the class?
Who came first in the race?

Whosename is there at the first place?
Whose pen is this?
Whose last name is Sharma?
Whose purse is there at the table?
Whose name is missing?

Whomdo you want to meet?
Whom should I call?
Whom do you like the most?
Whom did he hire to do the job?
Whom are you going to play with?

Whichone is yours?
Which pair of shoes belongs to you?
Which movie did you see last night?
Which player you like the most in cricket?
Which uses more battery? 

Whatis the time?
What is your name?
What are the various methods to learn English?
What did you see there?
What are your future plannings?

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