English Grammar – Pronouns – Relative Pronouns

What are Pronouns?

Pronouns are those words, which are used in place of the nouns.

Relative Pronouns

Relative pronouns combine two sentences and refer to the relation with the noun used before them.

Examples: Who, Whose, Whom, That, Which


Do you know the name of the author who wrote this novel?
People who work hard, always get the success.
Do you remember that person who came to see you ten days before?
One who is clever can always find a way.

This is the person whose name is there at the first place?
I have a friend whose wife is a teacher.
Check out the list and find out whose name is missing?

Tell me the name of the person whom you want to meet?
Out of these ten film starts, whom do you like the most?
In today’s match, whom are you going to play with?

I forgot my mobile phone at home, which was a big mistake.
Smoking, which causes cancer, should be avoided. 

Laughter is the medicine that creates happiness.
What is the name of the train that comes at 06:00 AM?
I bought the laptop that is required for this project.

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