English Grammar – Verbs – Auxiliary Verbs

What are Verbs

Verbs are those words which describe what a person or a thing does or what happens. In other words, verbs describe an action, an event, a situation or a change. We will see some examples to understand it:

travelled to Singapore.
It rained heavily last night.
They have gone to watch the movie.
I have developed a sense of understanding over the years. 
Yesterday I slept at 09:00 PM.
love you.

As you can see in the above sentences, the words marked bold refer to either an action or an event or a situation or a change. 

Auxiliary Verbs

When a verb is used before the main verb, which tells the tense of the sentence and which describes the main verb more accurately, that is called the Auxiliary Verb or the Helping Verb. 

Auxiliary Verbs: is, am, are, was, were, being, been, does, do, did, has, have, had, having.

Following are some examples:

I am writing this article.
He is going to stay for ten more days.
He does not like me.
I have completed four lessons.
We are fighting for the right cause.
He was driving very rash.
He has been coming here from a long time.

I have been doing it from last 4 years.

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