What are Different File Sizes: KB, MB, GB, TB, PB, EB, ZB, YB

Everyone is aware of these common terms like MB and GB today. We talk about these terms when we buy a new mobile phone, like, how much GB of memory the phone has? or how much GB of RAM the Phone has? We talk about these terms when we buy internet data plans. So, ever wondered about what is this full terminology from beginning to the end. Let’s find out about what are different file sizes!

The basic unit of storage is byte, which is made up of 8 bits, i.e. one byte contains 8 bits. One thousand twenty four (1024) bytes make one kilobyte (1 KB). One thousand twenty four (1024) kilobytes make one megabyte (1 MB) and so on. Following is the full table of various storage units:

NameEqual ToSize (in Bytes)
1 Bit1 Bit1/8
1 Byte8 Bits1 Bytes
1 Kilobyte1024 Bytes1024
1 Megabyte1024 Kilobytes1048576 Bytes
1 Gigabyte1024 Megabytes1073741824 Bytes
1 Terabyte1024 Gigabytes1099511627776 Bytes
1 Petabyte1024 Terabytes1125899906842624 Bytes
1 Exabyte1024 Petabytes1152921504606846976 Bytes
1 Zettabyte1024 Exabytes1180591620717411303424 Bytes
1 Yottabyte1024 Zettabytes1208925819614629174706176 Bytes

So, now you know what does this KB, MB, GB, TB and so on, means!

Keep learning !!

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