How to Apply for Google AdSense Account?

So you have a blog or website with some genuine content on it and a good traffic. Then, it’s a good idea to monetize your online presence. Google AdSense is one of the best methods available to do that. Google AdSense program pays you very handsomely for displaying and selling their ads on your website. So, go to Google AdSense Site and apply for it today. 

What is AdSense?

 AdSense is the ad program run by Google. If you are a publisher and have a website, you can apply for Google AdSense Program and can monetize your website. Google AdSense displays text, image, video or interactive media advertisements on your website. The ads are related with your website content and contextual in nature.

Therefore, they are targeted to the website users. You can earn a handsome income from AdSense depending on your website content and traffic. So when you are sure that your website has genuine and original content and you have a good traffic, the next step is to apply for the Google AdSense Program. 

Make sure you have the following when you apply for the Google AdSense Program:

 • Your Website should have genuine, interesting and original content so that your website visitors can benefit from it.  The content should not be copied from somewhere else.

• You must have a required number of unique visitors on your website, so that the ads displayed are seen and clicked by people.

• You should be able to verify the ownership of your website. you should be able to edit the source code of your website so that you can place ads on it.

• Your website content must adhere to the Google AdSense Program Policies.

• Your website language should be one which is supported by the AdSense Program. Languages supported by AdSense Program.

• You can not publish any type of prohibited content as specified in the Google AdSense Program Policies. This includes Adult Content like pornography, content that is against any individual, group or organization, any copyrighted material unless you have legal rights to publish it, any content related with drugs, alcohol or tobacco, content related with hacking, any violent or weapon related content, gambling content  and any other illegal content.•

You must have a valid and complete address.•

You must have an active email address where you can receive emails.• You must be able to receive payments, i.e. you must have a payee account so that you can receive payments.  If you are confirmed about all that mentioned above, go to and apply for the program, fill in all the required details carefully. Double check all the information you have filled because your application will be accepted or rejected on that basis only.

Normally, Google AdSense applicants get the reply in one day. You will receive an email on the given email address about the status of your application. If for any reason it is rejected, you will be notified the reason why your application has been rejected and what can you do in that case. Follow the suggestions provided in the email to get the approval.

If it is accepted, cheers! The next step is to place the AdSense ad on your website. login to your Google AdSense Account and get the ad code to be put on your website. Put that code on your website page/s and let Google review the performance of your website.  This is the second step of approval. You will be blank ad units on your pages and a red bar on the top of your account page until your application is approved. This can take some days.

Once Google AdSense confirms that your website complies with the Google AdSense Program Policies, they send you another email about the status of your application. If everything goes fine, you will receive another email confirming that your Google AdSense account has been approved. Once you receive the email, the AdSense Ads become live after some hours. And that’s it. Please make sure to keep checking the AdSense Program Policies time to time and make sure your website compliance with them. And make sure to keep growing you website to increase your earnings.

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