How to Create & Use Broadcast Lists in WhatsApp?

Remember when we were using SMS for communication?

We used to send group messages by creating group of contacts in the mobile phone. Now, there are so many messengers we are using for texting, (WhatsApp being the most used among them), we can send messages to a group of people in the same way. This option is called Broadcast List in WhatsApp. We can create a list of many contacts to whom we want to send messages. And then, instead of sending messages to each contact separately, we can send the messages to the Broadcast List.

Steps to Create a Broadcast List in WhatsApp:

Open WhatsApp, Click on the three dots in the top right, Click on New Broadcast.
Choose the contacts you want to add to your broadcast list.
Give a name to your Broadcast List, and start sending messages. Yes! It’s easy.

The important thing to remember while creating Broadcast Lists is to choose the participants of Broadcast List carefully, so that no inappropriate message is sent to any contact by mistake.

How Broadcast Lists are different from WhatsApp Groups?

Now, we also have the function of creating Groups in WhatsApp. Then, how the Broadcast Lists are different from the WhatsApp Groups? When in a group, all the participants know, who other people are in the same group and everyone in the group can interact with each other, however, in case of Broadcast lists, the members of the Broadcast List don’t know who and how many other people are in the List and they cannot interact with each other.

A Group Participant can leave a group, but in case of broadcast lists, the option of not receiving the messages is to Block That WhatsApp Contact. If Admin rights are given to more than one participant in a WhatsApp Group, the Admin/s can add/delete new participants, but in case of Broadcast Lists, only the creator of the Broadcast List can add/delete the list members. What are the limitations in creating Broadcast Lists?

You can add maximum 256 members to a single broadcast list. You can send messages to maximum 1200 members at one instance, therefore you can send messages to maximum 5 broadcast lists (1200/256 = 4.6) in one go and then you have to wait for 11 minutes to send another broadcast. you can send a broadcast to someone only if he/she has you in his/her contact list.

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