How to Register a Domain Name?

Have some useful online content? Then registering your own Domain Name is a good decision.

We will focus on how to register your own Domain Name in this article. So before going directly to the steps, just have a small thought – why do you want to register a domain name? You have a website or a blog where you have some useful content, or you don’t have it as of now but you have the knowledge and want to create it. Then you must go for registering your own Domain Name.

What is a domain name?

The simple and short answer is – domain name is the address of your website.

What does it mean to register?

By registering a domain name means registering it with ICANN, (The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) a not-for-profit public-benefit organization, which is responsible for internet naming system. You register your domain name with ICANN through a domain name registrar.Just have a thought in your mind what type of website you are going to build, is it a personal blog, is it a business website, accordingly think what can be the best domain name for it, which describes what you have on the website. Keep in mind following things, which can help you to choose a good Domain name:

• Your domain name should have some meaningful keyword/s, which are related to your website content, it is very difficult to get a desired domain name these days, because most of them have been already taken.
• Try to keep it simple if possible, avoid using (-) or very long names, because these types of domain names are not easy to remember.
• If you are building a business website, you domain name is going to be your brand name. so choose it wisely.
• There are so many domain registrars available, do an online search, compare their rates and decide, which is best for you.
• There are various types of domain names available like .com, .net, .org, .mobi, .pro, .museums, .website etc. Try taking a .com domain name, which is most popular and easy to remember.
• Keep your payment instrument ready for making the payment for the registration.
• Contact a domain name registrar, search for the domain name on its websites, look for the best suggested names, and finalize which matches with your requirements.
• Go for a longer duration package if it is available at a discounted price.
• Follow the registrar’s website instructions and make the payment. The registrar’s website will confirm it to you by email once it is done. If you already have a website with a sub domain on a hosting site, you can also buy the domain through the web host service provider.

Following is a list of some popular domain name registrars, do a small research on their rates and packages and go with, which suits you best:

Conclusion: Having your own domain name is must to publicize and monetize your online presence. If you are planning to build a website, don’t wait for registering a domain name.

Do it today!

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