How to Solve Problem of Pen Drive Folders becoming Shortcuts

Sometimes, all the folders in the Pen Drive become short cuts and when you try to access any folder or files, it doesn’t open. It is very annoying. So, how to solve this problem and have access to the data again. Following are the steps to solve this problem: –

Click on the Start/Window button on the screen and Run the Command Prompt. Type “cmd” in the run box to do that. 

Now, when you are on command prompt, type the following command (Including spaces)    

attrib -h -s -r /s /d e:*.*  

(Here I am assuming that your drive name for the pen drive is “E”. Replace it if your computer shows :F” or “G” as the drive name.) 

Let this command run. It will take around 2 minutes or so and the system will show the command prompt again. 

Go back to windows to check your files.

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