How to Use WhatsApp to Keep your Personal Stuff at One Place

WhatsApp has become a very useful messaging and calling app these days. It was a messaging app when launched and have updated itself with new features like audio and video calling as well. Now, there is one more interesting usage of WhatsApp, which we will discuss in this article.

You can use WhatsApp as a store of your all important stuff at one place. You don’t need any new feature or update of WhatsApp for doing this. You can create a new WhatsApp Group just for yourself and post all your important stuff to this group and access it whenever required. So how can we create a group having only one person? We will learn that in the following steps. 

First you have to create a new group in WhatsApp. You will need one more person for that. So go to WhatsApp, go to create a new group and add any one of your friends to that group. Give a name to your group and add one of your friends. Now, you can see in the screenshot that this group has two participants. 

You and the person you have added.  Now remove the person you added to this group and the group will still work. Now the group will show only one participant, which is you. 

So, whenever you receive any message which you like very much, just forward that to your this group. It will be stored like in any other groups and you can visit your this group whenever you want to read your favorite messages.  

Other than messages, you can post everything you like to this group like any screenshots, images, audio, video, pdf and whatever WhatsApp supports.  And the best thing is that only you can access and see your favorite data. 

Keep learning. 

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