Incredible Features of Blogging with !

We will discuss some incredible features of Blogging with in this article. If you have a Google Account and you want to start your blog, you must know these features which provides. Let us discuss these features one by one:

How many Blogs you can create with one Blogger account?

You can create 100 Blogs with one Blogger account. Yes! You read that right. Click on ‘Create New Blog’ after logging in to your Blogger account and you can have up to 100 Blogs with your one blogger account. If you are serious about blogging and publishing some genuine content, 100 is a big number. It will take a good amount of time and hard work to reach that number.

How many posts you can publish on one Blog?

There is no limit! You can publish as many posts on one blog, though there are some limits on the size of images and other media, which are included in your posts.

Is there a limit of the size of the post?

No, there is no limit on the size of the post, but there is a size limit on the Pages you create in your blog, which is 1 MB per page.

How many comments a post can have?

Again, there is no limit on how many comments a post can have.

Are there limits on size of media?

Your images and other media are saved in Google Drive, which has a limit of 15 GB.

How many labels can be attached with a post?

You can attach up to 20 unique labels per post and up to 2000 unique labels per blog.

And all this is free of cost. So, Keep Blogging!

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