SBI PO Salary | Allowances and Other Benefits 2019


Let’s get started on some real information that you have been looking out for. Here is all about the┬áSBI PO Salary structure that you wanted to know. Personally, I have researched a lot about all the minor details of State Bank of India Probationary Officer Job Positions and its all in here. All the research work, tons of reviews I collected from past candidates and their experiences.

The fact that it’s Indias one of the most prestigious job vacancies among all, candidates are practically crazy to register and know all about the Salary structure. The prelims this year was held on 8th, 9th, 15th & 16th June 2019. The dates vary every year and so it brings down to the conclusion of keeping yourself updated with the latest updates via our website. Not just the salary structure but we understand the fact that knowing about the job roles, responsibilities are equally important.

SBI PO Salary 2019

Coming to the extreme center of this subject, you should know that the starting very basic pay scale of State Bank of India’s Probationary Officer is somewhere around 27,620 rupees along with four advanced increment structure down the line. The increment structure reads something like this Rs. 23700-980/7- 30560-1145/2-32850-1310/7-42020.

In short, let me just give you an estimated amount which can help you understand things better. For your convenience when you are willing to know about the average income of an SBI PO will be around 8.20 lakh to 13. 08 lakh. Also, let me give you a brief account of how are allowance distributed.

1 (DA)Dearness Allowance The DA is calculated according to the CPI (Consumer price index). For those who are wondering what the DA is going to be. It will around 46% of your basic pay.
2 (CCA)City Compensatory Allowance Now the CCA is collected based on which city you are posted and calculated in the range between 3 to 4 percent.
3 (HRA)House Rent Allowance Housing rents vary differently for different locations. It can go around from 8000 to 29,000 per month.
4 (TA) Travel Allowance Travel allowances again vary from place to place. SBI PO does get reimbursement for their travel.
5 Future Allowances The amount of 1,20,00 is given for the purchase of new furniture.

Now, all these benefits aren’t just it. Let me tell you why candidates want to get into SBI PO. They are a lot of reasons that you want to clear and get a job in the government sector and special benefits can be one of them.

Special Benefits

Talking about Special Benefits, you need to know there is a lot of it that you will experience. Apart from the usual allowances that I just mentioned, these special benefits keep it more interesting.

  • You get a full 100% health coverage for SBI PO members and 75% for the family member itself. Now that is an ultimate benefit to be happy about.
  • You get a cashless treatment facility around the country for yourself and your family members.
  • There are also things like newspaper allowance, books, and magazines allowance
  • Things like petrol, house maintenance, telephone bills, you even get an entertainment allowance

Not just these, but you also get concessionary rates for interest on car loans, house loans, and personal loans. Now apart from all of these tempting benefits, you also have some additional perks for being an SBI PO. You will be able to have financial stability as no other professional career provides. You will also have a great growth opportunity further in your career. Not to forget your social status and standard of living automatically gets better.


The way I see it, you get yourself into a win on win situation. Every benefit helps you grow and make your saving structure stronger than before. Good luck getting the registration done on time. Interact with us to check out other posts to know more about upcoming job opportunities. We also have all the information on SBI PO Admit Card 2019.


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