Some Interesting Facts about Android Operating System

Android has done a revolution in the Mobile Phone Market. Most people, using mobile phones today, use Android as the Operating System for their Mobile Phones. Android has spread in the mobile phone market as a revolution. We all use Android now on a daily basis and love its Apps and Features. So, let’s find out some interesting facts about Android Operating System. 

Android is the operating system which is used by most number of people, if we talk about operating systems of all types. Android dominates the market of operating systems in Smartphones and Tablets. 

Android is written in Java, C and C++ and it is a part of the Unix Operating System Family. Android was initially developed by Android Inc., which was founded by Mr. Andy Rubin, Rich Miner, Nick Sears and Chris White. 

Android was initially developed for Digital Cameras, but later, seeing its potential, the developers changed their focus to Smartphones. 

Android Inc. was acquired by Google in 2005 for $ 50 million and Google released the Android Operating System in 2008. 

The first ever Smartphone to run on the Android Operating System was HTC Dream. 

Android is an Open Source Operating System, which means that users can modify the source code and add more features to it.

More than 1 billion Smartphones have Android installed as their Operating System. Google Play, the source for Android Apps has more than 48 billion Apps in the Store. 

Currently, Android is used in Smartphones, Tablet Computers, T.V., Automobiles, Watches and Digital Cameras. 

Android is available in more than 100 languages. 

Android has been released in the following versions, according to alphabetic order:   

Alpha > Beta > Cupcake > Donut > Eclair > Froyo > Gingerbread > Honeycomb > Ice Cream Sandwich > Jelly Bean > KitKat > Lollipop > Marshmallow > Nougat > Oreo > Pie > Android 10 >Android 11. 

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