English Grammar – Adjectives – Interrogative Adjective


Adjectives are those words which tell the qualities of the nouns or pronouns. In other words, adjectives describe or modify a noun or pronoun. 

Adjectives are used with the nouns and pronouns mentioning their qualities and provide more information about the noun or pronouns. For example: tall man, fast friend, red rose, good boy etc.

Interrogative Adjective

Those adjectives which are used before the nouns in interrogative sentences are called the Interrogative Adjectives.

Following are some examples:

Which pen is yours?
Which movie do you like?
Whose book is this?
 At what time the match starts?
 At what time the Sun rises?
What difference it makes if I go to the other side?
Which is the best method to solve this?
What type of a person you are?
Where are you going?
What do you want?

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